Miss Linda Spence
Executive Team Miss Linda Spence
Mrs Corrine Burgess
Mrs Cheryl Fazio
Teaching Staff Kindergarten – Mrs Michelle Peters
Year 1 – Miss Jade Schofield
Year 2 – Mrs Esther Kim
Year 3 – Mrs Rebecca Schofield
Year 4 – Mr Joe Britton
Year 5/6 – Mr James Kelly
  Bible Studies – Mrs Rebecca Tobar
Science and Technology – Mrs Corrine Burgess
STEM / G & T – Mrs Cheryl Fazio
Teaching Support Staff Librarian and Learning Support – Mrs Diana Auckett
Teacher’s Aides – Mr Nathan Bass
                              – Miss Emma Lord
                              – Miss Kasie Barrett
                              – Miss Emily Taylor
Administration Administration Assistant – Mrs Jan Fyvie
Administration Assistant – Mrs Samia Neeson
Finance Officer – Mr Barry Laurence
Property Maintenance Maintenance -Mr Derek Thorne
– Mr Brian Stratton
– Mr Jimmy Duguid