Parent Teacher Interviews

Our school offers 2 specific interview times for parents each year. The first interviews are held at the beginning of Term 1 in order to discuss each child’s strengths as well as any areas that need support. The next interviews are held at the end of Term 2 after the distribution of Semester 1 reports. As we have found a greater response by parents to the offer of interviews after Semester One, we have introduced an online booking process through Country Net. This has proved to be very successful and popular with parents in the past.

Parent Teacher Online (PTO) allows parents and carers to log in online to make bookings for teacher interviews.PTO helps parents by allowing them to select and book from pre-determined interview times that best suit their needs.

Parents can see immediately if there is a request from a teacher for an interview, view times available, and make appointments from their home or office. Appointments can be cancelled and re-booked at any time up to the day of the interview.

The system is password protected and allows parents to see their children’s subjects and teachers. It prevents double-booking, ensuring trouble free interview schedules. No more lost notes, or missed interview sessions.

Parents are welcome to contact the school to make an appointment to see a teacher at any time regarding their child. Contact can be made via the telephone or directly to the teacher via email.

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