Homework, when diligently completed will help children to:

  • establish and develop productive independent study habits;
  • establish and develop the ability to organise and use time effectively;
  • practice and consolidate skills and review work;
  • prepare for future lessons;
  • extend individual skills and understandings;
  • complete all work expectations

Homework should also encourage positive parental interest, involvement and understanding of the child and the school.

Effective Homework

Homework is planned to be relevant, realistic, clearly understood by children and parents and promptly followed up. The expectation is that children will complete homework. In the event that it is not completed on time, a parental note should be provided explaining the circumstances for this. Teachers need to consider individual children’s needs and adjust homework accordingly.


  1. Time spent on homework must not displace time essential to growing up. That is, time required for family communication and activity, play and socialisation with peers, recreational and sporting activities and personal relaxation and rest.
  2. Because children naturally work at different rates, the suggested time limits below refer to productive effort. A child who sits down and sharpens pencils and rearranges his/her desk for 20 minutes has not been productive.
  3. Homework may be set on Monday – Thursday evenings only. In consideration of the active lives many of our students lead, no weekend homework will be set, however, if a child is working on a project, research may still be completed on the weekend, if this is more convenient for their family life.
  4. As a daily guide in each grade, homework should take no more than:

Kindergarten – 15 minutes per day
Year 1 – 15 minutes
Year 2 – 15 minutes
Year 3 – 20 minutes
Year 4 – 20 minutes
Year 5 – 25 minutes
Year 6 – 25 minutes

In addition up to 10-15 minutes of reading time each night is expected.

Children should be read to and have the opportunity of reading aloud, every day of the week for up to 20 minutes.