Students are expected to attend school each day the school is open. If your child is unwell and you need to keep them home, please send a note of explanation with the student on their return. If they are going to be absent for longer than three days please contact the school with an explanation either by phone (9726 5106) or email. This is a courtesy call as absenteeism must be explained through a letter to the teacher or principal. Emailed explanations are not legally accepted.

Medical appointments are to be made outside of school hours as much as possible. Family vacations should be kept to the school holiday time so the students do not miss important education.

Further information for parents and caregivers regarding school attendance is available from the New South Wales Department of Education and Training School Attendance Information Page. Click here to be redirected.

If your child requires medication at school, please download a Medication Advice form HERE and hand it into the school office upon arrival at school.